The Alpharetta Lacrosse Club Board of Directors is made up of at least one, but no more than two, members of the Alpharetta High School Booster Club (which supports the Alpharetta High School Men's Lacrosse team in the spring season), and youth lacrosse (8th grade or younger.) There is not a required composition, but the intent is to properly represent all interested players and families equitably. The Board of Directors is composed of three types of elected persons with each having different levels of responsibility.

Executive Officers

Voting members for all aspects of execution of duties necessary for the Alpharetta Lacrosse Club


Current Executive Officers include:

President: Michael Proffitt
Vice President: Tom Macken
Treasurer: Ross Hendrix
Secretary: Neil Erickson


Non-voting members of the board and elected to certain leadership positions


Current Directors include:

Director of Lacrosse: Coach Zach Zanone
Director of Coaching: Garrett Butch
Director of Fundraising: Christy Butch
Director of Logistics: Open
Director of Program Development: Kelly Fowler
Director of Membership: Jeff Baumblatt
Youth Lacrosse Coordinator: Open
Special Advisor to the Board: Jeff Rose

Special Members

Non-voting members with input into critical decision making


Currently looking for volunteers to create a subcommittee to help create awareness and build the youth program. If interested, please send an email to