2019 Poinsettia Fundraiser

We are very excited to kick off this year’s fundraising effort to benefit the Alpharetta High School Men’s Lacrosse program.  We are working with Sunbelt Greenhouses again this year to offer poinsettias for the holiday season. The quality of the plants and the feedback from all who purchased last year was very positive, so this should help with the selling effort.

This fundraiser has proven to be a very successful effort for many programs as poinsettias are one of the bestselling potted plants in the US and offer beautiful color throughout the holiday season.  I have attached an electronic version of the Order Form to use and there will be copies available to pick up from Coach Zanone or at practice.

Our poinsettia fundraiser will run from now through October 28 when orders will be collected and submitted to Sunbelt Greenhouses for fulfillment on December 7. Each player is responsible for final delivery to the person they sell to. If you are not available on that date for pickup, you must make arrangements with another player to claim your plants. 

Each Raider Lacrosse player is expected to sell a minimum of twenty (20) poinsettias between today and October 28. Don’t forget to stop by local businesses as they often buy multiple plants for decoration or to give to clients. 

Players not selling the minimum number of poinsettias will be assessed the difference in the player fee for the spring season. ADDITIONALLY, IF YOU ELECT TO NOT PARTICIATE IN THE FUNDRAISER, THERE IS A BUYOUT OPTION OF $160 THAT WILL BE INCLUDED WITH YOUR PLAYER FEE FOR THE SPRING SEASON.

There will be a prize  for the player that sells the most by October 28. We will also have a raffle for all who sell at least twenty plants. We will let you know what the prizes are during the program.

As a reminder, checks should be made payable to:  The AHS Mens Lacrosse

Please feel free to call Christian Oyola at 404-729-5422 or email at ckoyola@gmail.com with any questions or concerns. 

 Thanks and good selling Raiders!